Friday, December 31, 2010

[Seattle Special] Friday's Finds

I wasn't planning on doing a Seattle focused post so soon but after coming across these FREE chairs on I just couldn't help myself.  

2 black leather office chairs in excellent condition. 
They have wood arm rests and metal legs. I need them gone by today and they are both yours for FREE! 

Find contact information and original post here: please get these free chairs!

It didn't take me long to  publicly declare my love of all things ice cream so is it any surprise that I think this is a good deal? I also think that this is the perfect excuse to eat ice cream while still keeping a New Years resolution to exercise!

Classic Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker

This is an older model hand crank Ice Cream Maker. It is a wood basket with all the parts you need to make your own ice cream minus the ingredients. It does have the directions as well. Hasn't been used in a few years but worked well the last time it was used. Still have the original box as well.

Original post: Ice Cream Heaven


Need a new hobby?  $15 seems like a reasonable start up cost!

Metal Detector
$15 Firm

Don't know much about it. It is a Jetco professional metal detector with a large search head. 

Original post here: Metal Detector 


I am a sucker for a vintage $10 vanity.

Desk with Mirror

Contact info here: Vanity

Ready for warmer weather?  Me too.

Vintage Large Picnic Basket Set Complete

Large four person classic style picnic basket set. This is new and never used. It comes complete with plates, cups, wine glasses, table cloth cover, napkins, towels, candles, candle holders, knives, forks and spoons. This has leather straps with snaps to hold items in place while traveling. 

Original post:  Picnic Set 

May 2011 be filled with new adventures and wonderful experiences!

Happy Hunting in 2011!

Friday's Finds

Create a fun wall display with these big magazine racks:

Wall mounted magazine racks
Four available, $10 each.

Grey, metal wall-mounted magazine/flyer racks. Each has 23 pockets, and each pocket holds dozens of flyers or several magazines.

In used but good condition. Some have a few small flecks of rust. Great to help organize your home or office.

Original post: Wall Mounted Magazine Racks


Here is a picture from for inspiration on how these types of magazine racks can be used:

Aren't gliders standard for every baby room in America?  A quick Google search revealed that its hard to buy a new one for under $100.  If you got this one you would get to customize it with a cushion you like!

Black glider rocker. 

Works great and in good condition just missing the cushions. 

Original post here: Glider Rocker

Have a beer lover in your life?  I really enjoy that the checker pieces are shaped like little bottles.

Bud Light Checkers!

A collectors dream for the Bud light lover!! All pieces there, play checkers with your favorite!!

Original post found here: Checkers

Happy hunting!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday's Finds

In need of a desk?  I love the shape of this sturdy desk with the plentiful storage space and short legs.

Nice wooden desk. Top is laminate over wood. No particle board. In fair condition (scratches dings etc).  First $20 takes it. 

Contact information can be found by clicking here: Wooden desk

I love ice cream and I love making things from scratch so imagine my joy in finding this gem.  Make your kitchen the place to be with this bargain:

Nice Condition
Asking $20.00

Contact information and original post can be found here: Waffle Cone Heaven

I think everyone needs a good set of alphabet stamps, the creative possibilities are endless!

Alphabet Stamps by Hampton Art
Hardly used.

Contact info here: Alphabet Stamps

I generally think homegrown is all around better.   Try your hand at homegrown bananas with this cute plant:

Dwarf Banana Tree

Imagine plucking tasty 4-in. bananas from your very own tree! 2- to 5-ft.  Plant adorned with large glossy green leaves will produce bananas within 3-5 years.

My plant is a healthy "baby" plant. Has fresh dirt and newly repotted.

Original post and contact info found here: Baby Banana

Happy hunting!

Lu's Spokane Craigslist Finds

It is a hobby of mine to search local Craigslist postings to see what is available for free or for under $20.  This hobby has taught me that there are many useful, beautiful and unique items out there for cheap.  Since it is not reasonable for me to buy all of the great things I find on Craigslist, I started this blog to share the finds with others.  It is my hope that the items I feature on this blog will help others understand the value in buying local, pre-owned items and maybe even help someone find that perfect item they've been searching for.

I will be sharing items listed on since I currently live in Spokane with the possibility of including fabulous finds from other local sites or Craigslist areas. 

I would love to see your Craigslist finds so please share in an email or a comment.  Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.

Happy hunting,