Monday, January 17, 2011

[My Finds] Orphaned Decor

When we first made the move to Spokane I had a fun time getting to know the area while hunting for items to furnish our new apartment.  During this time, I found some great local stores that I still frequent (see some of my favorites by clicking on my Local Resources page above).  

That being said, it is generally accepted as a fact in my circle of friends that I have the tiniest kitchen on earth.  We are hard-pressed to get two people in there at one time.  Between the dish rack, toaster, and microwave at least one thing had to be banished from our limited counter space. So the hunt began for a bargain to hold our microwave.

The result was this yellow rolling cart purchased from Orphaned Decor for only $12.  I love the color and it's worn appearance.

Putting this cart right outside of our kitchen has helped keep our counter clutter-free and gives us a bit more storage space for kitchen items.

Orphaned Decor is located on Hamilton and carries an array of vintage, new and previously adored home decor and furnishings.  Take a peek at their blog by clicking here.

My early city-wide bargain hunts gave me a general lay of the land here in Spokane which I continue to be thankful for.  

What are your favorite bargain hunting haunts?  I have more to share and would love to hear about yours!

Happy Hunting!

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